Cat scratching and losing fur

For more information on how to find out if your cat has fleas and treatment options, see our page on fleas and ticks for cats. She is a relief veterinarian and is enthusiastic about educating clients and staff members. A definitive diagnosis of ringworm is achieved through fungal culture. Dermatophytosis infection with a dermatophyte cat scratching and losing fur organism is not usually pruritic, but skin infection with yeasts Malassezia can be a problem in some cats - this is cat scratching and losing fur secondary to allergic skin disease, but the yeasts may also contribute to the pruritus. Atopy is incurable and life-long medication is needed to prevent unacceptable discomfort.
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Fleas are a common cause of itchiness, which in turn can lead to hair loss, so your vet might recommend a flea treatment which you should keep up to date with anyway. Often, this is not possible, especially in patients allergic to pollens.

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Atopy is not well characterised in cats. Notably, mosquitoes have been reported to cause an eosinophilic granuloma -like reaction on the bridge of the nose of some cats mosquito-bite hypersensitivity.

Itching and Hair Loss in Cats

Skin disease can be a frustrating problem for both cat owners and veterinarians. Itching and subsequent hair loss are just a few of the observed complications. Skin diseases in cats can be frustrating for both owners and often noticed by owners are itching, excessive grooming, hair loss, and scabs. Even though there are many reasons for excessive grooming, scratching and hair loss in cats, most causes are fairly easy to treat and manage.
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Atopy atopic dermatitis; dust and pollen allergy Atopy is not well characterised in cats.

Dry skin in cats

Atopy is not well characterised in cats. Talk to your vet about this. Cats with skin disease on their ears, noses and paws can have mosquito bite hypersensitivity. Psychological disturbances are a common cause of self-inflicted hair loss. Common skin parasites on cats include fleas, ticks and mites. Grain-free is not considered hypoallergenic. If your cat has a skin problem, talk with your veterinarian about fleas and diagnostic testing skin scraping, DTM, Woods lamp examination, skin cytology to get to the root of the problem.
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Fleas and Ticks on Your Cat. Although bacterial skin disease in cats is uncommon, it may occur and there are occasional cases of spectacular recovery following antibiotic treatment in pruritic cats.
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3 days ago Most commonly, cats that lose hair on their hind legs are experiencing stress and anxiety. When a cat is obsessively licking and scratching at a. A vet examines the reasons for cat hair loss and itchiness. Skin disease can be a frustrating problem for both cat owners and veterinarians. Itching and subsequent hair loss are just a few of the observed complications.
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