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I took a few hours to draw up a detailed visual for others to see it, in the event that it might be a tad bit difficult to see. Fri Mar 09, 1: Thu Mar 15, 4: Wed Mar 07, 4: Page 4 of 4. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Zandalari cat form of my favorite words, and an interesting insight into the brain But, let's just pretend it was on purpose and is like the foresters in India who wear masks on the back of zandalari cat form heads while out in the wilds in order to confuse tigers.
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Can be viewed Here. Wed Mar 07, 1:

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I actually want that animal together with argussian cats to be in a family named proto-cat. Clearly, it is a hint that we will be able to tame seals. It does look like a face.

Zandalari Troll Druids can turn into spiky bears, cats, and pteranodons in Battle for Azeroth

A while back they said that they would avoid giving Zandalari dinosaur forms, especially the cat form because it would be too out of the. Any predictions? So far we have a spiked tortise thing for bear form, a raptor for travel form, some kinda mini pterodactyl for flight form and. I'm not sure if this is the T-pose for the cat form or if they're using the modified Zandalari are very different trolls from the darkspear though.
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I absolutely love them, can't wait to see them animated!

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Previous topic Next topic. I'm all over the highmountain but these Treat others with respect. It does look like a face. I'm probably in the minority here but I think the new zandalari troll druid forms are pretty hideous and I generally love dinosaurs but these look all kinds of wrong. Same goes for the Ankylo form.
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I took a few hours to draw up a detailed visual for others to see it, in the event that it might be a tad bit difficult to see. Tue Dec 18, 2: Users browsing this forum:
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The Zandalari "bear" form actually has its animations now. Can probably expect the "cat" form to have them next build. You can check them out. Yeah, not a huge fan of this form. I may change my mind when I see it in game, but the other forms are too good to give up on a zandalari druid!. Heres a look at all Zandalari Druid forms in Battle for Azeroth! Bear Form Blue Dark Green White Cat Form Black Blue Green White Flight Form.
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