Innovative cat furniture

The roof is easy to remove, clean and replace. There is also a carpeted ladder that leads up to a cute hanging cat toy ball. And truthfully, it is good for his safety and security that your cat continues to innovative cat furniture do these things. The material is solid, durable sisal fiber that can withstand daily extended scratching sessions. But it will also last and last.
Mae - Age: 31
Price - 170$

It has a lot of advantages over regular particle board, which is usually used in cat furniture. Very stylish and conscious line!

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Cat Furniture- Modern Luxury Cat Trees, Litter Box Furniture, Towers

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This one can be used at a horizontal angle or you can place it up against a wall for more vertical scratching. Way Basics has been making human furniture from zBoard for awhile and this is their first foray into cat products.

Innovative Eco-friendly Cat Furniture from Way Basics

Stylish cat furniture including cat houses, cat scratch poles and pads, cat toys and This innovative cat shelf offers a perch, scratcher, nesting place and handy. We've split the best trees we could find into two categories: cheap cat trees and the more expensive and innovative products which are taking. These products will also feature innovative design. By the handful of cat tree designer and cat beds designer companies that are taking feline.
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Tiger Lily - Age: 33
Price - 121$

Best Designer Cat Trees This truly remarkable and eye-catching designer cat tree could almost double as modern art sculpture.

Environmental Enrichment

Also featured is a wonderful long curved sisal scratching post, several additional sisal scratching posts throughout the structure, a comfy hammock and a very sturdy base. The manufacturer also offers a percent satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Recent Posts Introducing Boxscoop 2. One of these durable, highly rated designer cat scratching posts can do the job nicely. We have one and cats just love it. The line includes several pieces, including this sleek litter hider with an easy access door and a litter catcher in the entrance. Especially since each one is so well-designed that they also give your kitty the option of doing some lovely stretching and snoozing in the process!
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Elvis - Age: 27
Price - 112$

It is shaped like a minimalist salad bowl in neutral beige. Many of the designer cat trees furniture you will learn about here could easily be mistaken for custom-made architectural art — they are just that beautiful and unique.
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We've split the best trees we could find into two categories: cheap cat trees and the more expensive and innovative products which are taking. Designers come up with furniture solutions for cats living in small urban properties. These innovative accessories allow your pets to interact and. We raise the bar higher for cat furniture by creating interesting & stylish products. We create functional furniture that evokes feline instinct.
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