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Fantastic album, just weird that the single is so non-representational of the band's sound. Videos Only Self explanatory.

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Shine (Collective Soul song) - Wikipedia

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I Love the '90s , Whatever:

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Collective Soul Cat JP Coakley. · http://
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This includes music visualizers and lyric videos 1. Ok onto view number 15! March 19, October 21, re-release.

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I'm guessing they did the same thing. I shall spread that video on to many others. If the video description says: The fact people would give you 20 imaginary points for thinking this is also is astounding. This version can be found on the live album Phish:
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The song's video , was written and directed by William Levin, which achieved popularity on MTV , features various footage, largely black-and-white. See Reddiquette for more details.
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"Shine" is the debut single by American alternative rock band Collective Soul. It served as the . A video uploaded by Girl Talk's Gregg Gillis titled "Collective Soul Cat" became popular in which featured the cat singing the famous " Yeah!. Like a lot of us, Girl Talk's cat misses the '90s. Via Twitter, Gregg Gillis shared this clip of his furry friend filling in for Collective Soul singer Ed. Collective Soul Cat JP Coakley. · http://
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