Can an indoor cat get rabies

Lorrie Shaw is lead pets blogger for AnnArbor. A higher percentage of intact, male cats who spend time outdoors are at risk of developing it if not protected against can an indoor cat get rabies. As I indicated in the text, Dr. The purpose of a quarantine period is to observe the unvaccinated animal for any signs of rabies — stumbling, aggressive behavior, sensitivity to light, or excessive salivation — for an appropriate period of time. Sorry, I meant 1 to three year protocols in that next to last paragraph.
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Additionally, if you have other pets and they venture outdoors - or if you have other pets who visit your home - they bring those viruses and the like think parasites, too in with them and expose your unprotected cats to something that could make them seriously ill, or kill them. The purpose of a quarantine period is to observe the unvaccinated animal for any signs of rabies — stumbling, aggressive behavior, sensitivity to light, or excessive salivation — for an appropriate period of time.

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Rabies Vaccine: Does My Indoor Cat Really Need It? - Hillcrest Animal Hospital

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They need close contact, like bites, sexual contact, etc. Let other pet parents know what you think. Sasha was subsequently put down.

7 Reasons To Vaccinate Your Indoor Cat Against Rabies

Domestic pets don't get rabies anymore, right? Actually, rabies is still a public health threat and domestic dogs and cats can certainly become. Vaccinating your cat doesn't just protect her from pets who have bitten someone if the owner does not have proof of current vaccination. experts recommend keeping your pet indoors. Dear Dr. Fox: I just lost my dear cat to cancer, which started at the site of his last rabies injection. I have had several friends who also have had.
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Due to a feline's habit of rubbing up on everything and being fastidious about grooming, it's easy for them to pick up this virus. If a pet owner allows the time in between scheduled shots to lapse, the schedule starts all over — back to a one year vaccine, and protection in that interim period is sketchy.

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In fact the AMVA has this to say about it: A vaccine adverse event report should identify the product s and animal s involved in the event s and the individual submitting the report. How severe is the wound? Response to vaccinations varies among individual pets. In the past three years since my dog's death I have undertaken a great deal of research and correspondence on unnecessary vaccination of pets with veterinary associations, government regulators, academics etc in Australia, the UK and the US — refer to the links I have previously supplied above. The AVMA recommends that veterinarians customize vaccination programs to the needs of their patients. The case of the Washington cat once again highlights the importance of keeping your feline up-to-date on its rabies vaccination.
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Rabies information for veterinarians.
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Dear K.R. • It does not seem logical to have to give the rabies vaccine to an always-indoor cat, but it is the law in most states, and veterinarians. Not getting core vaccines — FVRCP and rabies — can prove to have severe Some cat owners think that because their cats are strictly indoor. The AAFP does not recommend the Leukemia vaccine for indoor only cats clients the rabies vaccine has little to do with your cat actually getting rabies – it's all.
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