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In most cases, they have more caretaking duties than just the animal on the table in front of us. I would do just about anything if it cats with diabetes life expectancy give him joy. I know at times it is hard to make that switch to a new care provider but there may be a better vet for you and your fur baby. Right now, considering the fact that the doctor wants her hospitalized, Mischa is still eating normally, and other than the cats with diabetes life expectancy of water and increase in pee, is acting like herself. Our cat was diagnosed at age 14, and for years was still very healthy and dominating the household. After 7 months of shots, I knew it was time to stop. Many undiagnosed diabetic cats first come to the vet in this state, since they haven't been receiving insulin.
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But this one is way over my income. It is time to have this difficult conversation with your vet, for the peace of both you and your cat, who knows how much you love him.

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Diabetes in cats - Wikipedia

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This was the day before we were leaving for a vacation and I told the vet he would be with a boarder while we were gone. With a basic understanding of diabetes, you will be better able to care for your pet and better able communicate effectively and participate in the decision making process with the vet. While your motives for wanting to rehome your cat are pure, it really would not be good for your cat.

Cats And Diabetes

Every pet is different, but very often your pet can live a normal life span. We've heard of many diabetic cats that are quite elderly (18 years old or more) who. Early intervention with diabetes, as with so many other diseases, gives your cat the best chance of a better life, and possible remission. An estimated one in cats will develop diabetes during its life-span. At heightened risk are obese cats and male cats. Most cases are seen in cats middle.
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This is not a job for a neighborhood child or someone you don't completely trust. This is why millions of animals are put down every year. There is no pleasing everyone all the time, but this is such a personal decision.

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Even if he came back from that, what quality of life would he have had after all that? Its not the insulin shots but the home blood tests that are nearly impossible to live with and without the miserable tests twice a day you may as well do nothing. From reading your comments, I would say that neither you nor your cat are happy, and having two maxed out credit cards is not good for anyone. We have tried everything to get him regulated including traveling to a holistic vet after our primary told us to consider having him PTS. I'm also changing his food. My 9 year old son and my husband are equally as devastated as I am. You have to be very well off to afford vet bills nowadays.
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This does not have to be a prescription food but must be a low carbohydrate food.
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An estimated one in cats will develop diabetes during its life-span. At heightened risk are obese cats and male cats. Most cases are seen in cats middle. WebMD explains cat diabetes symptoms, causes, and treatments, including give his cat regular shots of insulin, and how the disease might affect his pet's life. Q: Will diabetes shorten my cat's lifespan? A: It sure can, because it can be associated with infections, with peripheral nerve disorders, and other problems.
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