How to start a cat shelter

This could be older or elderly dogs who do not often get adopted or maimed animals that are not often accepted into larger animal shelters. Finances and land availability my dictate use of communal or shared pens; there should be no more than 6 cats per communal pen. Thank you for the vital information. An how to start a cat shelter shelter in an existing structure, which is a cheaper option but could be harder to keep clean and maintain. Every organization needs a solid mission statement.
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4 Ways to Start a Non Profit Animal Rescue - wikiHow

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Also, people that go on that site are usually nice and would be more likely to adopt an animal.

7 Things I Learned About Starting an Animal Sanctuary

You love cats, and you want to help those in need. But starting a cat rescue takes more than a love of everything feline. To operate a rescue successfully, you'll. Starting an animal rescue or no-kill shelter can be a challenging and rewarding endeavor. Here's what you need to know to start your own. How to Start an Animal Shelter. Though you may have a strong desire to care for homeless or neglected animals, opening an animal shelter can be a major.
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Not Helpful 0 Helpful 7. Posting on your personal social media account alone is not enough to generate public support, especially if your profile is private. Bulk buying of cat litter is cheaper, but litter can be heavy to carry - a wheelbarrow or sack-barrow may be required.

1. Pick Your Site Carefully

Research the area and assess the problem - how many cats, are they all feral, are they breeding or are cats also being dumped there, are they part of a larger distributed colony spread over several linked sites etc? Fostering animals in your home, where you take care of one to two animals in your home at a time until they are adopted into other homes. Poor ventilation increases infection risk from airborne diseases. If you know someone who's itching to start his or her own nonprofit, approach this person about your desire to create an animal rescue. Method 1 Quiz Why do you need to establish a board of directors for your nonprofit animal shelter? Advise local authorities of your presence, area covered and intended work - you may qualify for a grant, Local media - newspapers, radio, TV stations - can help publicise your cause and can help manipulate public opinion; learn to use these resources wisely.
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Read the latest books and studies regarding animal welfare. If you store needles or syringes e. Instead, use the time to create a mailing list, which can include both emails and physical addresses.
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This writer made her dream come true by starting an animal sanctuary. Here, she shares more about the challenging and rewarding. This could be the most important research you do, and it's important to do it before you incorporate. Determine the problems of your local animal welfare. This writer made her dream come true by starting an animal sanctuary. Here, she shares more about the challenging and rewarding.
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