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Retrieved July 4, The Seriesbased on characters created by Steven T. Seeing this as an opportunity to get back at Krei, Callaghan started a cat from big hero 6 and stole Hiro's microbots, but unintentionally killed Tadashi. Ringleader voice David Shaughnessy Fred is loosely based on the character of the same name and is voiced by T. Miller in the film and Brooks Wheelan in other forms of media.
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Go Go Tomago Disney. Heathcliff voice Kirk Baily Additional Voice voice Roy Conli

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The following is a list of fictional characters from Disney's feature film adaptation of Big .. They care deeply for their pet cat, though he can occasionally be a nuisance. Ringleader (Charlotte Gulezian) - An eye-patch wearing Asian woman. Screenplay by: Jordan Roberts and Daniel Gerson & Robert L. Baird Based on the characters created by (as Man of Action) Duncan Rouleau. Big Hero 6 () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.
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Baymax is an inflatable health care robot that was created by Tadashi Hamada. Callaghan returns in the episode "Mini-Max" where it is shown that he is being kept in a high-level security prison.

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Microbots that are controlled by a head transmitter. Obake Bob Aken is a mysterious villain and former SFIT student [28] with a strange fascination towards Hiro, extending to the Big Hero 6 since before they officially decided on being superheroes. Sparkles Loses His Sparkle". Out of this insanity and his obsessions, Obake masterminded various events in the first season from Globby stealing one of Lenore Shimamoto's paintings for her energy amplifier blueprint to pointlessly learning of Big Hero 6's identities through hacking Krei's personal files and Burger Noodle Boy's prediction algorithm. Animated film Disney Infinity: Additional Voice voice Kelly Hoover She does not socialize with people much and comes off as rude and anti-social, but is really a team player.
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Additional Voice voice Michael Powers Disney Research Ralf Habel Carl was given his nickname by his own mother, which he does not seem to mind as it is technically an accurate name.
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Screenplay by: Jordan Roberts and Daniel Gerson & Robert L. Baird Based on the characters created by (as Man of Action) Duncan Rouleau. Big Hero 6 - bobtail cat Mochi and Aunt Cass eating donut. Mochi is only seen briefly at different times in the film. He can be seen briefly on one. Here's The One Easter Egg You Missed In "Big Hero 6". It's just so fluffy. And it's hard to forget the incredibly cute Mochi, Hiro's sassy fat cat.
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